Greg & Roche Dry - founders of Egg Designs

Egg Designs specialises in crafting beautifully layered residential interiors, creating bespoke interior design for the hospitality, corporate & retail industries & the design & manufacture of luxury furniture & lighting.

We have an intuitive and emotional approach to our furniture design. Whatever we make is made with much love. Our work is inspired by what is around us, especially nature and pattern which is then joyfully reinterpreted as unique furniture that is both functional & beautiful.

We love the playful nature of our work with its free-spirited exploratory soul, we love playing with surfaces and tactility with the aim of creating an element of surprise.

We try to imbue everything we do with heart, soul and emotion. Our customers, friends and patrons connect with our products in a special way and that gives our work even greater meaning.

We are inspired by the rawness and beauty of Africa, its people, talents, wildlife and great outdoors.

Working with our rich local heritage we create unique furniture and interiors that blend together these inspirations with a humorous and authentic twist. 

We are very grateful!

Our Story

Based in Durban, South Africa, Egg offers a bespoke and straight forward approach to customised design focusing on unique and highly individual interiors, furniture and lighting. Egg was founded in 1996 by Greg and Roché Dry who sought to create a company whose foundation is built upon their relationships with each other, fellow creators, designers, fabricators, and most importantly their clients. 

 “ Life's more amusing than we thought. ”